Dr. Yemoto Website

Dr. Wesley Yemoto isn’t just another dentist, Dr. Yemoto is one of the kindest and most professional dentists you’ll ever come across. When he asked Malibu Creative to help him out with his website we were more than happy to join the team. Like many dentists, Dr. Yemoto had a “cookie cutter” website built by a company claiming to “specialize” in dental websites, the only problem was the site that they had build for him had the same content as the hundreds of other dentists that purchased sites from this company. Dr. Yemoto had a website but it wasn’t standing out; search engines weren’t promoting it and new clients weren’t coming from it.  A well built website should lay the foundation for search engines to promote your site, ultimately bringing new clients to your business. So when we agreed to join Dr. Yemoto’s team and build his website, our objectives were clear- build a unique website that builds trust with new and existing clients, which makes it easy for Google and other search engines to promote. We accomplish these goals by completely rewriting the website content, launching a new domain, and creating a look that was consistent with what patients would see when they arrived at Dr. Yemoto’s office. In talking with Dr. Yemoto’s team we found out that the front desk offers each patient a fresh flower at the end of the visit. This is obviously a special detail so we incorporated flowers into the background of the website as just one reminder of the special services you’ll receive from Dr. Yemoto.  We are happy with how the website has turned out and in the first 15 days of launching his traffic (number of people that visit the website) has tripled.


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