Making Waves

through creative digital marketing and design


Telling your story is powerful. Whether it’s a video for your customers, potential hires, donors, or employees, Malibu Creative specializes in making your story connect through video with everyone who watches it.

Web Design
Web Design

With over 40,000 online searches per second — having a strong website is key to your success. Malibu Creative specializes in making beautiful websites that engage your audience, build trust, and perform well on search engines.

Social Media
Social Media

The average American checks social media 17 times a day. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter — Malibu Creative will help you create a strategic social media roadmap, designed to connect you with your target audience, grow your business.


Having a great website is key for every business looking to grow, but having a website isn’t always enough. With over a billion websites online today, your site needs to show at the top. Malibu Creative will create a great SEO strategy that both you and Google will love!


Malibu Creative is an experienced team of creatives that understands the art of business at a deep level. We have experience in the many avenues of digital marketing and know how to create amazing videos… but what we pride ourselves in most is our TEAM.

Add us to your team and let’s create something awesome!

Meet the Creatives

The Malibu Creative Team

TimTimLead Creative

Tim first established Malibu Creative in 2008. His drive extends from a infatuation with technology, love for life, his family, and his belief that helping good people build great business is the most rewarding feeling.

Specialized in overall marketing strategy, creative direction, videography, graphic design.

JamesJamesCleveland, OH

James has an incurable belief that there is always a way to make things happen. He loves helping others thrive in what they are doing. James background in ministry and experience as a Musician, DJ, & Event Coordinator offers a unique and creative approach to telling

Robby Robby Video Creative

There isn’t a project he works on that Rob doesn’t call someone over to remind them how amazing he is at what he does and while he is mostly kidding, he is absolutely right. The videos he creates are magic. His imagination leads to fantastic results.

KevinKevinDirector of Photography

Kevin is our incredibly talented videographer. With his creative eye for visual storytelling, and in-depth knowledge of the many video tools, Kevin’s work is magical.

Specialized in: Videography, visual storytelling, UAS Drone photography/videography

TiffanyTiffanyBranding Creative

Overseeing the Malibu Creative brand and establishing healthy marketing strategies is Tiff’s forte. Her natural eye for design, interest in photography and exuberant love for the details gives Malibu Creative an unfair advantage against rival design firms.

Specialized in branding, photography, and organizational development.

TrevorTrevorContent Creative

Originally a teacher, Trevor serves as an editor and social media designer for Malibu Creative. Although he is lethal on an acoustic guitar we more often utilize his skills as a writer and designer, although we won’t rule out releasing his debut album in the future.

MichaelMichaelDesign Creative

Michael is one of the most creative people you’ll ever meet and isn’t what you think of when you think Web Coder. Unless what you think of is an amazing surfer, that can breakdance, loves photography and creating anything out of aged paper.

BrockBrockPhotography Creative

Brock is our expert photographer. He knows his way around a camera and creates incredible shots. As a Young Life leader, he knows how to bring the best out of the people around him — on camera and in life.

Specialized in: Portrait photography, Product photography, Advertising photography